Unchecked commercial activities

Rawalpindi: Commercial establishments operate outside residences in some areas of the city. It used to be a quiet residential area, but now many commercial facilities and facilities are lined up, causing noise pollution.

“Consider the case of Faisal Kolon Road and Fazal Town Road along the Old Airport Road. There is no infrastructure support, there are no designated parking spaces, ”says Hasan Sadiq. “Who doesn’t enjoy the supermarket next door? After all, it reduces commute time, but what matters is whether the infrastructure supports such land-use changes. Roads can park.” A sewage system designed for frequent use?” asks Nafees Zaidi.

“We all know that law violations are rampant in the city and how it affects citizens.However, why is it so easy to ignore the rules regarding land use? Where is the system broken?” says Ali Shanawar. “The usual pattern generally starts with restaurants and other commercial establishments operating from homes in major residential areas. They enter residential areas by offering high rents. Who’s to blame?” says Faisal Naqvi.

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