Universal Music Japan plans to exercise LOONA’s contract rights for activities in Japan regardless of what happens in Korea – Asian Junkie

The latest twist on London The story of the deal is that universal music japan seeks to exercise exclusive control over LOONA, which it re-signed in September 2019. This contract is blockberry creative They exist regardless of what happens to them.

The contract reportedly stated:Notwithstanding any termination or termination of the agreement between Blockberry Creative Management and the Artist, the Member shall continue to perform the obligations of this Agreement. If the terms of this Agreement are violated, the Artist will be required to pay damages for not being able to fulfill its responsibilities under Japanese law.

UMJ plans to continue regular activities such as albums and fan meetings across the group, the report continues.

Basically, they say that the 12 LOONA members have a contract with Japan’s UMJ for about three years and intend to continue regardless of any chaos in Korea. included in Chew the same as Heejin, Kim Lip, jinsolWhen Chorleyeven if the contract is suspended.

A recent representative example is EXID, which belonged to different companies in Korea, but continued group activities in Japan as a contractual obligation.

This could be somewhat ideal for fans in terms of all 12 members continuing their activities, but as things become more and more turbulent in South Korea, if everyone isn’t on board with this plan, obviously It could lead to another legal battle. Just another wrinkle to an increasingly sticky situation.

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