Use ‘common sense’ on dangerous activities during ambulance strike, says Health Secretary

Health Secretary Steve Berkley urged the country to use “common sense” during today’s strike by paramedics, suggesting that people should think twice before engaging in dangerous activities.

Up to 25,000 paramedics, including paramedics, paramedics, call handlers, drivers and technicians in England and Wales have left as part of a long-running wage dispute, leaving services stretched.

Today’s action is bigger than December’s strike, patients can expect to wait for 999 and 111 calls to be answered, but there are also fewer ambulances on the road.

Barkley was asked this morning if he thinks people should change their behavior today and avoid activities that could lead to serious injury.

He told Times Radio: they will be dealt with.

“But the rest of the system will be strained. So we’re just telling people to use common sense. Of course, if it’s really life-threatening, call 999. should.”

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