Voluntary activities selected to boost national fitness

The list includes 127 projects covering winter sports, youth football and sports services

Visitors celebrate the New Year by climbing the Badaling section of the Great Wall on the first day of 2023.Liu Ping/China Daily

A total of 127 projects across the country have been added to the 2022 National Fitness Volunteer Sports Service Project Library of the China General Administration of Sports, recognizing that these projects play an important role in enhancing the fitness of the nation.

According to GASC, 127 projects were selected from 323 volunteer sports service programs from 43 organizations. They covered a wide range of sports and related services, including grassroots winter sports, youth soccer, baseball, and sports services for seniors.

This is the second year that GASC has selected quality sports volunteer services to add to its project library. Using these projects as examples, we aim to encourage more people to start various voluntary sports and improve the physical fitness of the people. A total of 116 projects have been added to the library in 2021.

Among the projects is the “Meeting with the Champions” of the Guangdong Sports Bureau. Various sports stars were invited to meet with schoolchildren and residents of Guangdong. Apart from discussing and sharing sports stories, the champions took students and people who participated in the activities to training sessions.

For example, legendary Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian visited Zhixin High School in Guangzhou, Guangdong province in October to participate in the activity. His 33-year-old Asian record holder in the men’s 100m sprint shared his story of his growth and career with his students before guiding them in his sprint lesson.

Also in October, members of the Chinese women’s basketball team were invited to visit the South China Normal University Affiliated High School. Her coach Zheng Wei, head of the team with players including Yang Liwei and Li Yueru, shared with her students the story of her winning the silver medal at the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup last year.

Coach Jeong encouraged the students with a speech on the theme, saying, “Don’t be afraid of defeat. You should learn how to bounce back from defeat. And you should make use of that experience in your daily training and life.” . About “Being Fearless”.

“As an athlete, I have faced challenges not only from rivals but also from injuries,” Yang added. “I was injured and the recovery process was tough. It gave me confidence and self-confidence.” The courage to keep fighting. “

Another example of these projects is the “Cure Children with Water Sports and Love” activity organized by Wutaishan Sports Center in Jiangsu Province. In this activity, deaf and intellectually challenged children were specially invited to experience water sports with their parents at the sports center.

The organizers provided the children with coaches, sign language interpreters and quality facilities to experience the water sports. After the training session, the children visited a local sports museum and learned about the development of the sport.

“Such activities aim to encourage various organizations in schools, families and society to work together to build a sports charity platform. Through our action, love and voluntary spirit, We hope to help these children find direction and dreams in life,” said Chen Lee, head of Wutaishan Natatorium.

According to GASC, criteria for selecting these projects include public interest, creativity, social impact, and organizational capability. Compared to 2021, more organizations across the country, including local sports bureaus, sports colleges and grassroots sports associations, have shown interest and worked on these projects to bring sport to more people of all backgrounds. urged.

“Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we were able to carry out many activities this year,” Sports Minister Koshitan said at a meeting with heads of sports bureaus across the country in December.

It also hosted a nationwide online sports competition, which was attended by more than 13 million people, greatly boosting public willingness to participate in fitness campaigns. “

The Minister added: “We need to enhance people’s accessibility to sports services and balance resources. We need to provide people with quality facilities, well-organized grassroots tournaments and scientific fitness guidance. It’s a way to boost the development of mass fitness.”

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