What I’m Watching

Between all the streaming services it’s hard to keep up with what to watch.  Below is a list of what I’m watching on Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.  Be sure to check back periodically as this list will change.


It’s the season for anime and superheroes. I try to keep the number of shows in my watchlist low to make sure actually watch shit and not end up paralyzed by choice.

The Seven Deadly Sins


Netflix isn’t my first stop for anime, but The Seven Deadly Sins is one of those shows that hooked me from the first episode.  It’s your standard affair, a group of anti-heroes with various powers out to save the world.  What’s dope about this show is how the character’s origin stories intertwine.  You slowly find yourself following along with the tale hoping certain aspects will hit certain points.  Season 3 is out now, and we’re finally getting a chance to see the demon race and the Ten Commandments, the Demon King’s best warriors.  Currently, the Boar Hat crew is severely underpowered and are training for the next battle.  Season 3 should be as entertaining as season 1.

Big Mouth


“I’m going…through changes!!!”  If Netflix has done one thing right, it’s bringing us adult comedies(Bring back F is for Family!).  Big Mouth is about a bunch of kids going through puberty and the trails and tribulations that occur when you begin to notice those changes in your body.  It’s a raunchy comedy full of sex and dick jokes, but it’s hilarious.  We’ll probably never get another 40-Year Old Virgin/Road Trip/Old School any time soon, so this fits the bill.



Daredevil was the first Marvel show on Netflix, and one could say it’s the “best” of the bunch.  Of course, I would have saved that title for season 3 of Luke Cage, but Netflix killed that dream.  There’s really one reason for me to watch Daredevil and that’s Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin.  He’s the best villain any of the Netflix Marvel heroes have faced and the most dangerous.  I’m happy he’s back for season 3, and now he’s in the picture and can’t wait to watch him seek revenge on Matt Murdock.



This is one of those time where you don’t have to have knowledge of the game to enjoy the series.  Yeah, I’m sure it would hit those “oh that’s such and such” notes, but this is just a good show.  It’s a mature and violent show about the resurrection of Dracula, and for those who like a good horror movie, this will hit those beats for you.  Season 1 was dope but way too short, so I’m glad Netflix decided to continue the story.


So most of the shows I follow on Crunchyroll are on break until the next season. Most of these shows are the usual suspects so you’ll probably see something you know. If you’re new to anime, these are some easy shows to get into.

My Hero Academia

Dragonball Z, Naruto and now My Hero Academia. Deku’s slow ascent to becoming the world’s number one hero has become THE anime series to watch. It has all the makings of a legendary shonen anime. There are multiple characters with unique personalities and powers, an ever-growing list of powerful enemies and a star that’s easy to like and has that can do attitude found in his predecessors Goku and Naruto. If you haven’t watched this series yet go ahead and give it a shot, it’s already the show everyone is talking about.

Black Clover

Somewhere between Bleach and Naruto is Black Clover. Here’s the thing, it’s not really that great of a show. Asta is annoying, and the battles are cool but nothing to write home about. Honestly, I’d probably take Fairy Tale over this, but I’m hooked. For all that’s wrong with it, there’s something about it that keeps me watching. At this point, I’m just waiting to see Asta’s next form to know if I’m going to keep watching. If you decide to watch this and you hate it don’t blame me, I gave you the heads up.

Attack on Titan

What hasn’t been said about this show already? If you haven’t watched this show just stop reading this and go watch the first episode of season 1 and come back after you’ve watched one of the wildest shows in the past few years. I have a few episodes left of season 3, and we’ve uncovered some important secrets and are moving closer to the truth. What’s dope about this season is that it was able to entertain without the aid of Titans killing people. I’m hoping for a nice payoff at the end of the season and a set up for greater things to come.

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