What I’m Watching

Between all the streaming services it’s hard to keep up with what to watch.  Below is a list of what I’m watching on Netflix, Crunchyroll, etc.  Be sure to check back periodically as this list will change.


F is For Family

The best way to describe this show is if you took the best of The Simpsons and Family Guy and added a dose of everyday reality in the mix.  It’s a cartoon for adults and it’s hilarious. We’re on Season 3 and I don’t see it getting any better for Frank and the fam, but they’ll make the best of it.  They always do.


Black Clover

Somewhere between Bleach and Naruto is Black Clover. Here’s the thing, it’s not really that great of a show. Asta is annoying, and the battles are cool but nothing to write home about. Honestly, I’d probably take Fairy Tale over this, but I’m hooked. For all that’s wrong with it, there’s something about it that keeps me watching. At this point, I’m just waiting to see Asta’s next form to know if I’m going to keep watching. If you decide to watch this and you hate it don’t blame me, I gave you the heads up.

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