Waukegan Park District offering a range of winter break activities; ‘It’s important they enjoy their time off’ – Chicago Tribune

As local schoolchildren enter winter break next week, those who participate in the Waukegan Park District’s Preschool and Afterschool Experience Program will have the opportunity to spend their days in familiar surroundings.

Excursions, movies, crafts, sports and more are held at the Belvedere Recreation Center for seven days, Wednesday through January 4th, as part of the Park District’s Holiday Adventure Program. Provide activities for children while parents are at work or on vacation on their own.

Jennifer Dumas, General and Special Recreation Manager for the Park District, says that rather than taking the bus to school at about 9 a.m. that day, children stay at the recreation center or go on field trips as part of it. said he was going to their winter vacation.

“This is an opportunity for children to enjoy structured recreation and socialize with each other during school holidays,” Dumas said. “It’s important that they enjoy their vacation. It also gives parents a nice break during the holiday season.”

Holiday Adventures is for children ages 6-12 at Corrine J. Rose Park in Waukegan on Wednesdays, Thursdays, December 27-29, and January 3-4 from 7am to 6pm. It will be held in a recreation center.

Recreation expert Julia Sanchez, who participates in the program, said parents should drop their children off at the recreation center at 7am and arrive and take them home by 6pm at the latest. I said I could. The main event of the day takes place between 9am and 4pm. Pre- and post-activities are more relaxed, such as table games and crafts.

Attendees are required to bring lunch and snacks each day, but on December 28th they will be able to make their own pizza on an excursion to Quonset Pizza, where they can make their own pizza in their pajamas. It will be a “PJ party” all day. I also spend time at the gym and doing crafts at the recreation center.

“They will make their own pizza,” Sanchez said. “They learn how to make it. The staff throws[the pizza]into the oven so they can each enjoy their own pizza.”

When the youngsters returned from Christmas weekend on Dec. 27, Dumas said they would take their first excursion with a trip to the Field House Sports, Fitness & Aquatics Center in the Park District. Athletic events such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and relay.

“It gives them the opportunity to travel and go to different places,” Dumas said. “I spend my free time at the gym and play different sports.”

On the last day of Holiday Adventures, representatives from the Cole Children’s Museum will bring exhibits to Waukegan, so a “field trip” will come to the children, she said. There are four stations, and young people can visit each one.

Wednesday’s activity is labeled “Hello Winter”. An event that celebrates the seasons with crafts and games. Dumas said he has a jump rope, dodgeball, and a game of tag. Crafts are also available.

Each child builds and decorates a gingerbread house on Thursday to take home to share with their families.

“Some kids eat it before they get home,” Sanchez said.

Young people participate in Science Experiment Day on December 29th, participate in a coloring contest on January 3rd, and other activities. If there is snow on the ground on December 29, Sanchez said he plans to help the children build a snow volcano as an experiment. It will be a very practical day.

Most days include a movie in the afternoon. According to Sanchez, the films include “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Elves.”

“All movies are age-appropriate,” Sanchez said.

Participants must register in advance online or at the fieldhouse. The rate is $35 a day for him and $44 for non-residents. Dumas said scholarships are available and third-party payments are accepted.

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