We need to reintroduce, reinforce extracurricular activities in schools – Constance Swaniker

Constance Elizabeth Swaniker, founder and CEO of the Design and Technology Institute, is calling for reintroduction and enhancement of extracurricular activities in schools across the country.

Talk on JoyNews 3rdJoy Change-Speaker seriesIn a special edition of Newsfile, the platform, she said that the Ghanaian curriculum has become outdated and unfit for its purpose because authorities have failed to adapt it to the prevailing situation, while the education system remains extracurricular. He said he had completely abandoned his activities.

Explaining that extra-curricular activities are essential to shaping and developing young people for the future, she noted that their absence from school contributes significantly to the unemployment crisis plaguing the country. .

“We don’t play sports anymore. There is no theater, no dance, no theater in our school. You are asking yourself (why?). The role of extracurricular activities is so important. Fundamentally shaping young people.” , All these things that evolve are all falling apart,” she said.

She further said that due to the much-needed “evolution” that young people are being denied due to the collapse of extracurricular activities in schools, they are unable to develop their own voices and become leaders.

She pointed out that this was a problem. This is because as more young people aspire to become entrepreneurs, they lose the lack of leadership and communication skills that these extracurricular activities would have given them.

“Nowadays, many young people want to be entrepreneurs, but if you want to be an entrepreneur, do you have what it takes to be a leader? Do you have all the critical necessities – communication skills, critical skills, you name it – how do you create an environment where young people have a voice?” said.

“I have a young son who goes to school in America and lives in Africa, but he just went to college two years ago and he said to me, ‘Mom, when you’re in school in America, If you keep quiet, you’ll understand.’ In class, you will be deducted.You are expected to speak up, and you will be rewarded for speaking up.

“No answer is a silly answer, but if you don’t raise your voice, you will be called. So these are my thoughts, what do we do?

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