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If you don’t like the cold, or if you know breathing exercises are good for your immune system, energy levels, and mood, but want to learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine, this workshop is for you.

Instructor Miles Lucas is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has danced shirtless on mountain peaks with Wim Hof. Miles says he has conducted over 100 workshops, including 1,000 people. He will give you personal attention and learn how to make these techniques your own. He also teaches weekly breathwork classes at the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown San Diego, where you’ll learn new breathwork techniques each week that will greatly benefit all areas of your life.

No experience required. We guarantee that even the most experienced will gain a new understanding of the power of breathwork, exposure to the cold, and unique techniques you can’t learn anywhere else.

The day includes group discussions, cutting-edge science, laughter, guided breathing exercises, light exercise, organic snacks, delicious beverages, and an ice bath.

Advanced workshops will teach you how to create regular practices and what types of breathwork can provide different benefits. Additionally, how to confidently control your mental and physical state. and your ice bath may turn into cake. Then use specific postures and breathing patterns to connect directly to your nervous system.

You end the day with ways to strengthen you:

🙃 Mood

⚡️Energy level

💊 immune system

🩸 cardiovascular system

🥵 Ability to heat

💫 Anxiety level

🧠 mental strength

😴 Sleep quality

These workshops are nothing short of extraordinary and often open the door to new adventures exploring areas of life we ​​never knew existed.

Ticket price $197

Space is limited. This one is expected to sell out, so let’s get started. Also, get the cheapest tickets early.

People’s voice:

I experienced Miles Lukas’ Wim Hof ​​workshop and highly recommend it! This class is next level. I have attended countless seminars and certifications in my 13 year trainer/coaching journey, but his workshops are at the top of my list.


Mark Sun, owner of CrossFit Sun San Diego

“Professor Miles Lucas teaches us to incorporate advanced breathing techniques into many aspects of our lives that improve mental and physical performance while reducing stress and anxiety levels.”


Scott C. Berta – MD, MS, MSE, FAANS

ABNS Board Certified Neurosurgeon

“One of the best workshops I’ve attended in any area. Miles is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. Much more than I expected. I learned a lot.I had a ball in doing that.It’s not worth the cost.It was worth 10x.”


Communication cart mahram

(RET) Chief Justice of the High Court

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