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Boston – Boston is packed with winter activities this weekend, including First Night. But one thing is missing. winter weather. Unseasonably high temperatures forced ice sculptors to adjust their plans to keep their ice art from melting.

We caught up with my parents stopping by to see the ice sculptures outside the New England Aquarium. “Yeah, it’s pretty upsetting. The African penguin sculpture was covered in tarp and wrapped in dry ice to keep it in shape for the New Year weekend. ‘ said the audience.

People were reacting to spring-like weather at the Snowport Holiday Market. “Unfortunately, we have winter in April,” said the woman. “I’m used to the cold waiting for the first night,” said the man.

A warm December day facilitated preparations for First Night Boston, but organizers say the ice sculptures also needed to be covered. Rachel Patten is the project manager for this event. “They do it in their storage units, especially in weather like this where they have to store in the cold,” said Patten. The plan is to install all the ice art on New Year’s Eve and finish it on site. “They’ll be lit up. There’s a lot to see. We’re excited,” said Patten.

Traditionally a cold weather event, First Night is expected to draw more crowds this year due to the weather. “Cold weather walking in it. That’s what the Boston experience is all about. We’re going to miss it this year,” said one man.

First Night Boston will host all indoor events this year. First time since Covid. They are also reviving New Year’s Day activities. Something they haven’t done in about 5 years.

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