Battlefield Hardline: Hotwire Multiplayer Gameplay

I wasn’t really checking for Hardline when it was announced at E3.  As I’ve learned from hours of PVP in Destiny, I’m not that good in multiplayer. I’m a good team player, but don’t look for me to rack up kills. Now when it comes to driving…THAT is something I do well and Hardline looks like it will cater to people like me.  No more Need For Speed Rivals…now I can finally live out my dream as a getaway driver! This has moved up to must cop.

Final Fantasy TGS 2014 Trailer

Let’s get this out the way first.  The game looks f***** awesome!  I mean the way the characters move and interact with each other.  How it goes from cut scene to gameplay… But let’s get serious.  This game is NEVER coming out.  It’s up there with Dr. Dre’s Detox album and Half-Life 3.  Final Fantasy XV is always the tech demo, never the game. Honestly, at this point Square might as well begin work on the Final Fantasy VII remake that people desire because as good as this game looks, it will never live up to the hype.

At least Square’s new Luminous engine looks promising. Maybe it will be the foundation for the next Hitman game?

fouseyTUBE x Mortal Kombat Prank

The things you come across on Facebook.  I found this gem on my timeline and found it absolutely hilarious.  When buddy said “hey man you scared the shit outta me” I was in tears. This is one of the better pranks I’ve seen lately.

hannah and irish

African-American Journalists And The Game Industry Part 2

“What a difference a year can make”…is how I wanted to start this post, but sadly I cannot. A year after the first African-American Journalists post and things are still the same. We hardly have any representation in games media and this year’s E3 proved that we still have a long way to go on the development front.  But the games industry isn’t alone, even tech companies like Google have published company statistics in an attempt to bring more light to the subject.  And after the events of #gamergate, people who love games have found themselves dealing with growing pains.  It is these growing pains that make me wonder if our energy would be better served creating our own platform.
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