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The T Dog Report Special

First, I want to thank everyone who’s been on me about The T Dog Report. Your support is the reason The T Dog Report lives on. And for those of you who are visiting for the first time, welcome. The T Dog Report is raw and unfiltered. Unlike the traditional GBP content the T Dog Report pulls no punches. Get ready for one of the best review of one of tv’s most watched shows. So without further ado, let’s get started!

So The Walking Dead is back and it’s starting to look like the show we used to know. However, getting back to the way things used to be comes with a price. This week we discuss the dismantling of black characters, why I still don’t bang with Carol, and a Glenn’s luck. All this and more in this edition of–The T Dog Report. Read More

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Black Dynamite is Back!!! Season 2 Ep. 1 Review

What seemed like the quietest launch in the Adult Swim lineup, Black Dynamite is back for season 2 and has picked up where season one left off.

The New Boondocks

When Black Dynamite originally aired, the series would draw comparisons with fans of The Boondocks.  Both shows drew on satire and black culture with episodes that not only made us laugh but also made people think.  But after the disaster that was season 4 of The Boondocks, it’s good to know that BD and the gang have taken up slack. Read More

The Initiative: Wynton “Prog” Smith

Wynton ‘Prog’ Smith is a well-known commentator and player in the Smash Bros. community. Smith has commentated for major Smash events including Evo 2014 and the E3 Super Smash Bros. Invitational .  What makes Wynton a stand out among other commentators is his humility and willingness to help others. I recently interviewed him for the second part of the African-American Journalists series.

You can follow Prog on Twitter (@progducto), on the forums, and on his team’s website


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Destiny ‘Review’ – Why We Play Destiny

After all this time playing Destiny I’ve often wondered why the hell I keep playing this game. I mean the story isn’t great, and there really isn’t enough content to warrant the constantly replays, yet here I am still playing the same missions over and over. I’ve played the game so much that I’ve built two character classes over level 20. So what is exactly that makes people play this game and champion it to others? The answer lies in the mechanics and the loot system. Read More