Unite 2014 Keynote

*Video is uploaded by and property of Unity When it comes to gaming, Unreal Engine is usually the de facto choice in-game development.  If you owned a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 there was a 90% chance that most the games you owned were built on Unreal.   But when it comes to mobile and indie games Unity is the reigning champ.  What was once a small game engine for blooming game devs and hobbyists, Unity has become a major player in the gaming industry.  Unity Technologies, the company behind the game engine,… Read More

Why Are We Unboxing A Video Game Again?

Why anyone would unbox a video game is beyond me.  A simple picture of the packaging with a press release is all you need. But if you are going to unbox a video game why not go all out and have a human being go through the contents of the packaging in detail? This digital unboxing takes what little fun I would have had if I actually had a chance to see what I was going to get.  So here’s the question, does this video motivate you to buy The Witcher 3?

35 Minutes of The Witcher 3

Geralt on a horse in the witcher 3

So here’s the deal, CD Projekt RED has released a gameplay demo that you can watch during your lunch break…or ride home for work…or anywhere that you have 30 mins to spare.  They say The Witcher will have more content than Skyrim.  I can’t wait!

Should Everything Be Streamed?

pokemon championship logo

Today while I was browsing the latest gaming news I came across a press release regarding the Pokémon National Tournament.  I didn’t even know that was a real thing.  I honestly thought Pokémon tournaments were events that happen at your local comic shop.