Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay

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Delay or no delay when Arkham Knight drops it’s going to be a game of the year contender. The addition of the Batmobile should help add some variety to a city that was pretty dull in Arkham City. Combat is standard fair but they have added some variety which is good for the long run.

The one thing I’m not really feeling is his outfit. I grew up with Batman: TAS, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. In each of these shows Batman had the standard outfit with his utility belt. In Arkham Knight he looks like he robbed Master Chief of his spare Spartan armor. I know they have to modify his character but he’s becoming more like iron man.

Looks aside I’m going to pick this up day one when it drops.


The Wii U Is The Perfect Couples Console


I originally bought a Wii U out of boredom. There was nothing really out on Xbox One and PS4 and I figured I could waste some time with a couple Mario games. What I didn’t expect was how quickly my girlfriend would take to the Wii U, more specifically Mario Kart 8.  Nintendo has created the perfect console for couch co-op.  The company’s original formula of games that are easy to pick up but difficult to master, lower the barrier to entry. When my girlfriend and I attempted to have game night before I bought the Wii U, we tried playing Need for Speed and Forza 5 but it never took off.  Neither game produces the instant gratification that Mario Kart 8 is able to deliver.

As much as I like running solo, there is something “magical” about a good couch co-op experience.  My girlfriend enjoys watching me curse when I’m hit with a red shell (due to my intense need to win), and I like hearing her jump up and down when she wins-as long as it isn’t at my expense.

My Truth about Women in Games


Destiny Hunter Close Up

This is my hunter, she was the first guardian I ever created in Destiny. And she isn’t the only woman patrolling the galaxy. In fact, I would say a majority of players have a female guardian that they use as their primary character. I don’t even think it’s a stretch to say that most of us, when the opportunity is presented, have women as lead characters. And Destiny isn’t the first game where women are just as popular as their male counterparts.  When Mass Effect dropped everyone loved ‘Fem Shep’. In games like Skyrim and even as old as KOTOR, when the choice is available, we usually create a female lead. I would go so far as to guess that whenever games feature a create-a-player, women match or outnumber men as the lead character.  I say all this to say that women can and should be lead characters in games. Let’s not act like we would enjoy a game less if a woman was the lead character, because we already enjoy plenty of games where we voluntarily create a woman to save the world.