The Pulse Rifle is Finally Worthwhile 

Before Destiny’s latest update no one dared  play with a pulse rifle. Meant to be the stop gap between the auto and scout rifle, the pulse rifle tried to be something for everyone…but it never hit the mark.  After the update however, I think I might have to keep one in rotation.  I’ll need to do more testing but from my brief time running PVE and PVP the promise of making the pulse rifle a weapon you want to play with could finally be a reality. I’m a scout rifle type of guy so the pulse fits with my style of play. I know Bungie updated damage, but I’m going to say they updated range and stability as well. The ultimate test for me is how a weapon handles in the crucible. The video above is from the last match i played with the pulse rifle.  Let me know what you think about the pulse rifle update in the comment section below.