The Initiative: Wynton “Prog” Smith

Wynton ‘Prog’ Smith is a well-known commentator and player in the Smash Bros. community. Smith has commentated for major Smash events including Evo 2014 and the E3 Super Smash Bros. Invitational .  What makes Wynton a stand out among other commentators is his humility and willingness to help others. I recently interviewed him for the second part of the African-American Journalists series.

You can follow Prog on Twitter (@progducto), on the forums, and on his team’s website


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Destiny ‘Review’ – Why We Play Destiny

After all this time playing Destiny I’ve often wondered why the hell I keep playing this game. I mean the story isn’t great, and there really isn’t enough content to warrant the constantly replays, yet here I am still playing the same missions over and over. I’ve played the game so much that I’ve built two character classes over level 20. So what is exactly that makes people play this game and champion it to others? The answer lies in the mechanics and the loot system. Read More


Final Fantasy VI: Symphonic Poem

This has to be one of the greatest things I’ve witness in gaming in quite a long time. Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games of all time and to hear the music played by The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra is everything I could have asked for! It’s a trip down memory lane for those that enjoy the classics. Check it out in the link below.

The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra performs music from Nobuo Uematsu’s Final Fantasy VI, orchestrated as a symphonic poem called Born with the Gift of Magic (arr Roger Wanamo). Conductor Andreas Hanson. Recording from June 2014.

Final Fantasy VI: Symphonic Poem Link

The Initiative: Kayes Plays

Whenever I watch I “Let’s Play(LP)” video I always wish there was a ‘mute’ button for the person playing the game.  Not that I hate LP commentary, but some time you just want to watch a game without someone talking over it.  Enter @KayesPlays, whose videos are exactly what I look for in a LP video: no-nonsense and straight to the point. This isn’t any talking, just gameplay.  A DJ and Producer, Kayes has LP videos for console every generation.  Kayes is very active on Twitter and his YouTube channel so when you get a second hit the links and give him a shout.

KayesPlays YouTube

KayesPlays Twitter